Mera Wala Job

Mera wala Job is a rich non-fiction career-show for the youth, based on a highly innovative and entertaining “format developed and owned by Young Turks Media”. The show gives the viewers a hands-on, personal and inside-out view of various career sectors and their sub-sectors. Unlike most other career show formats, here we do not engage any career-counselor. The complete information, insight, projections, prospects as well pitfalls are provided by the movers and shakers of the concerned sectors and their respective verticals. Leaving nothing to the viewers’ imagination. Along with the career part, the show also offers openings and job opportunities with real-time integration of VAS, online, digital and social media. Each episode is shot at rich locales with beautiful backdrops and two female anchors, as a further enriching experience for the young audiences. Key TG: most affluent category of young & emerging professionals, and youth between 15-30 age groups.


Format & IPR: Deepak Singh, Young Turks Media
Produced by: Nidhi Singh
Directed by: Sammi Kumar
Camera: Meraj Ahmad Khan
Editor: Satya Prakash, Abdul Mannan
Anchors: Kanika, Preeti
Graphics: Mandeep Bhati
Production Controller: Kuldeep Goswami
Prod. Asstts.: Neha, Akanksha, AKansha
Make-up: Kanchan, Anjali