TV Commercials

Television Commercial is much more than a good short film. More than a creative product, it is a scientifically devised tool to get the desired message conveyed to the target mass and, using the appropriate television channels and other audio-visual platforms. A television commercial is supposed not to be just slick but, must deliver in terms of branding or, sales or, both, in sync with the plan. Unlike other video products that generate revenues from viewers, it has to pay for being watched by the target viewers, every time it is played on the right platform. So, the challenges are multiplied manifold.

We at Young Turks Media understand the nuances of both – advertising as the objective and, the medium of motion pictures. Therefore, for yielding the best achievable, we have just elongated the cycle involved in TVC production. Our work matures at where most others think the beginning point in creating a TVC. We spend much attention on gauging your needs, mapping the whole matrix and, synchronizing the business and creative objects before starting with pre-production. End result: your ads will become your brand ambassador and not the faces you pay a huge sum to sign.

Needless to say, we put together the best team to your job, comprising of the in-house team plus the best experts of the required genre and techniques as per the requirements for the approved plan.