Brand Integration

With a bouquet of films around different themes, genres and meant for different target audiences, we love to create the just right integration. You got a brand, product or a film? Let’s talk.

Some time back, brands discovered films as an interesting and innovative promotional vehicle for reaching the right target groups in the most lucrative way. We saw in films, actors sipping soft drinks, flaunting phones, driving cars and dancing at holiday destinations. In-film branding has come to stay as a winning proposition for both brands and films.

We help brands finding synergy and enter into win-win relationship. This, for us, however, is not limited to in-film branding or just creating such opportunities. We believe in a seamless, natural brand integration and customization so that it best optimizes the benefits for both the sides.

Audience’s acceptance is the highest in the case of such integration. Here, the brand becomes synonymous with the message and, the film also doesn’t look like a sales-agent of the product.