70 MM

Young Turks’ Motion Pictures is a fast-growing film production house led by a dynamic and young team from cross sections of film, television, advertising and other related industries. The company plans to produce 10 films over the next 5 years.

It is currently producing two Bollywood films of different genres and scales, all set to hit production floor soon.

Young Turks is driven by its Mission Statement to be the most valued film producers for all its stakeholders alike – viewers, professionals, industry and, the investors. It is committed to make films that are socially acceptable, culturally rich, technically futuristic and, most importantly, commercially profitable for the investors.

We have long-term business plans in film production business with a bouquet of films, to be directed by veterans as well as the young dynamos of the industry. The films range from action thrillers to those woven around strong themes, and powered by great music.

The first three of the films produced by Young Turks touch upon three entirely different domains, albeit with an overlapping target audience, each with a strong USP.