What can CEO’s learn from Amitabh Bachchan ??

On the occassion of Big B’s Birthday, I am pleased to post this article I wrote sometime back for the benefit of CEO’s. Read More >>

Can Bollywood get over its cliches of promotion and marketing?

It’s almost become such a sort of an anthem that it now even sounds clichéd to say “All is Well with Bollywood”. There couldn’t have been a better end… but… Read More >>

A management case study, called, Amitabh Bachchan !!!

Most Indians can be seen aping big and small celebrities. Growing long hairs. Keeping a similar goatee. Maintaining an inspired wardrobe… But, have we really ever tried to take a lesson or two from them? Good or bad? Of success or failure? Of excellence? Of emergence or, waning? Read More >>


All that ends well is well. So, now that 2009 looks to be ending with the Bollwood finally having its last laugh, there is a reason to be jubilant about it. Read More >>

When Should Critics Stop Writing Official Film Reviews?

Take a situation. If a judge wanted to take one of the sides in a proceeding. A Jury member had his own film nominated to be sent to Cannes. Or, the daughter of the promoters of a beauty pageant were to participate for the crown. Read More >>

Sell anything in Bollywood. But…

Sell anything in Bollywood. But… don’t try to hard-sell the same thing more than twice. In management, we read a term PLC or Product Life Cycle. Read More >>

Aladin’t or Euthanasia?

It was Friday late afternoon and, it so happened that one of the creative film-makers with quite a hitlist in his kitty (in varied capacities), posted a comment on one such public… Read More >>

“Who is to blame?” Introspections by a young movie-maker

Bollywood’s rough patch continues and it looks highly vulnerable at the moment. The purpose of this piece is as much an attempt at self-introspection… Read More >>

How bad or good is Family, Dynasty and Clan Politics for Indian Democracy?

Family, clan, dynasty, inheritance. There are just too many words doing the rounds about news on Indian politics. I was also a part of a panel discussion on a television show on the issue. Read More >>

Indian Democracy Matures. The end begins.

So, finally the much awaited elections are over with the results that went in favour of age-old Indian National Congress. Read More >>

Akriti vs. Shanno: two faces of Delhi, India and Indian Media

An individual has many individuals within. A city has many cities within. A nation has many nations within. A civilization has many civilizations within. And, a system has many systems within. Read More >>